Heroes, Villains, and Mysterious Beings

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Heroes, Villains, and Mysterious Beings

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Heroes, Villains, and Mysterious Beings

When creating a character, a player has three routes they may choose from to help further their story. The player can join either the Heroes or Villains Association, or they may transform themselves into a Mysterious Being. All three are remarkably similar, differing mainly in Theme and Prime Habit, but because they are heavily influenced by an individual’s moral equilibrium and determine the character’s standing with other characters, the decision can be incredibly important. There are some skills and abilities unique to factions, and as such, can only be obtained by joining them.

An individual will begin to develop traits and abilities after one of two trigger incidents occur:

- The Individual over-indulges, over-obsesses, or hoards a particular idea or thing around them until they develop Traits of that idea/thing.

- The Individual develops a potent, powerful desire that consumes them and transforms them from the inside out.


These are characters that have a strong moral fiber and heavy respect for Justice. They seek to uphold peace within Cities and eliminate threats to innocent civilians. Heroes are self-governed by the Heroes Association, the joining of which is the only way to become an Official Hero. Generally, a Hero will use several themes combined together in order to create a diverse, unique arsenal of tools and abilities to help fight crime and restore peace. When a Hero reaches a certain statistical and skill requirement, the Heroes Association HQ will take notice and assign them a social rank. This rank is what determines their weekly paycheque, security clearance, and weekly Heroic Act quota.

Stat Total | Hero Rank | Heroic Act Weekly Quota | Weekly Paycheque

25 | D | 3 D Rank Heroic Acts | 10,000 Yen

30 | C | 1 C Rank Heroic Act | 30,000 Yen

35 | B | - | 50,000 Yen

40 | A | - 100,000 Yen

50 | S | - 250,000 Yen


Any character that disregards the law and welfare of civilians can be considered a villain, although the only way to become an Official Villain is to join the Villains Association. It is up to Heroes to stop Villains from going too far, and as such, it is essential for a Villain to become powerful. Typically, a Villain will use few themes, but take them to the extreme for a more potent product when delivering devastation. Villains are classified not by the Villains Association, but by the people. Despite this, they will still require a certain stat total to be considered a certain threat level.

Stat Total | Villain Threat Level | Villainous Act Weekly Upkeep | Weekly Haul

25 | Wolf | 3 D Rank Villainous Acts | 10,000 Yen

30 | Tiger | 1 C Rank Villainous Act | 30,000 Yen

35 | Demon | - | 50,000 Yen

40 | Dragon | - | 100,000 Yen

50 | God | - | 250,000 Yen

Mysterious Beings

A Mysterious Being is an entity possessing abnormal power and a considerable potential for growth. Unlike Heroes and Villains, a Mysterious Entity has no innate faction or universal goal, and instead, each are unique and exist to serve their own individual goals. When one becomes a Mysterious Being, they lose ties with all previous affiliations they had. Furthermore, a Mysterious Being is granted access to unique MB skills and abilities. Although there are many ways to become a Mysterious Being, most are dangerous and severely life-threatening. In general, most monsters are considered a Mysterious Being until proof of them being a Villain or another explanation is given. However, this does not mean that all Mysterious Beings are evil by nature. They can range from Extraterrestrials to Natural Eldritches to Non-Sapient Beasts. Being a Mysterious Being provides no judiciary or financial perks on its own.

Stat Total Required: 35


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