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Post by Founder on Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:21 pm

Here at One Punch World, we have a couple rules we would like members to follow. These rules are put in place to ensure all members are treated equally and fairly, to keep this area a friendly and happy environment, and to guide gameplay in a non-intrusive, smooth manner.

General Rules

No discriminatory behavior, such as sexism, ageism, etc.

Treat others as you would be treated (and will be).

Players may have unlimited character accounts.

Roleplay Rules

No Godmodding/Metagaming/Transferring Knowledge.

Creation Rules

Please wait for your character to be approved before you begin roleplaying.

There are two types of characters that one may create. These are Main Characters, which are unique to the player who made them and may only be used by them. Main Characters earn all things at the rates dictated by their Wisdom stat. Free Characters may be made by any members, but are open to use by any members. Consider them ‘NPC’s’ for story purposes. No matter what a Free Character’s stats are, they earn all things at one-fifth the cost they normally would. Please note that a Free Character may only start out at C/Tiger Rank max, and may never exceed B/Demon Rank.

A player may only make One Main Character. Aside from this, they may create or adopt as many ‘Free Characters’ as they wish.

When creating a Main Character, they may only begin as D/Wolf Rank. They may achieve any rank, however.

There is no banned/limited power list. However, all abilities will be strictly monitored for balance and viability. As well, any abilities that are deemed too similar to another character’s ability will be denied on premise (unless the specific purpose of the ability is to mimic other abilities).

Staff Rules

All staff must create a separate account on the site specifically for staff usage. All staff will be given a unique title to help distinguish them against others, but for sake of clarity, a conclusive list of staff and their Main account will be placed here.

Staff List:

Founder - Zettai

Advertising Rules

Please only post links to other websites (aside from youtube or another webservice) in the Advertisements section only.

Please note that posting an advertisement on our forum provides us with the right to post an advertisement on your forum. If this is denied, your advertisement will be removed.


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